Story of a Smoke Ring

Get Fired Up to fire up your smoker or grill!

L I V E   F I R E C O O K I N G with GrillMaster “McD”

P R O F I L E.  

Michael McDearman is a BBQ and Grilling GrillMaster, author, competition BBQ cook and television personality. Recognized as ‘GrillMaster McD,’ he is one of the top GrillMasters in the country and coach of the four-time World Champion Steak Cooks.  Often featured in the media, cookbooks and television shows, Michael is a teacher who loves spreading the good word on live fire cooking like a great sauce.


E X P E R I E N C E.

Eager and an entrepreneur since an early age, Michael wanted a motorcycle.  Asking his parents for one proved to be a lesson in being goal oriented.  They taught him to earn the money to pay for his own desires.  So Michael became the youngest paperboy in his hometown.  Why is this important?  It’s the beginning of his “smoke ring or his BBQ beginning.” 

While on his route, Michael found himself consistently slowing down and breathing deeper at one particular house.  Being a curious kid, he approached the neighbor and asked “Whatcha doin’?” The man took the time to share with Michael what he was doing:  he was a competition BBQ cook.  And so it began.  By the time Michael was eight years old, he was finishing meals for his parents when they came home from work. 

After 38 years of cooking experience and pre-Internet mentoring under his Grandmother (who has been published more times in Southern Living than she has fingers or toes), as well as many other influences (USA and International), Michael has received rave reviews and bold testimonials about his cooking from the salt of the earth red, white and blue Americans to Blue-Blood British Lords.  He has performed his live fire cooking on some of the largest cooking stages in BBQ and Grilling: The World Food Championships in Las Vegas, The “Jack” Jack Daniels Invitational BBQ Championships, The Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour, and the Academy of Country Music Awards.   Michael represents many companies in BBQ, such as Sam's Club, Smithfield, “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.,” Heinz, McCormick Spices, Wright Brand Bacon, Coke, Bull Outdoor Products, E-Z Hook, Cookina, and  MojoBricks to spread the word about the benefits of  using their products while cooking over a live fire.

Michael has many upcoming projects in 2017 to promote his technique and expertise as a GrillMaster including, Roasted & Toasted TV Show (PBS), cookbooks to be published throughout the year, the launch of a new outdoor cooking classroom and video set, along with corporate classes, events and keynote speeches. 

When he is not working on a project, he focuses on his love of teaching. Michael enjoys passing along the tips, tricks and techniques to help everyone become a GrillMaster, whether in their own backyard or a World Championship competition stage.